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A Biblical Guide to Personal Finance - $20

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A Biblical Guide to Personal Finance begins by exploring what money is, and what it is not. Building upon this foundation, it then explores biblical teachings on tithing, giving, working, saving, stewardship, and debt.

A systematic approach for applying these biblical teachings to everyday life is then presented. This approach provides an effective solution for those who desire to rise above fiscal survival and succeed in creating the economic means necessary to benefit themselves and others.

This book is for singles, married couples, families, and business owners to understand how to better manage their money.

Special details are included for married couples which will empower them to strengthen their relationship by following biblical guidelines about money, finances, and stewardship.

Parents will find this book helpful when teaching their children to become financially confident, monetarily conscientious, and fiscally compassionate.

Business owners will find solutions for improved cash flow and the ability to overcome the cost of interest they would normally lose when spending their own capital or borrowing from others.

Wise Man Foolish Man - $14.99

“Wise Man, Foolish Man” is a card game that features thirteen characters from the book of Proverbs.  Some of the characters are wise, and some are foolish.  Each character has four traits.

Throughout the game players will become familiar with the qualities of the Wise, Prudent and Faithful while also learning how to recognize the Angry, Foolish and Naive.  Each card features a verse from Proverbs about that specific character.

Learning about character traits in this game helps players recognize wise men and foolish men in real life.  This game is for children who can read, teens and parents who like to have fun.

This game is wholesome entertainment for families and friends. Expect to get years of fun from this deck of 52 cards. (directions for play are included)

How to Build Sustainable Wealth - $17.99

The financial system in America today has been designed to transfer wealth from working Americans into the coffers of the government and the bank accounts of bureaucrats, politicians, and financial planners.

Financial planners try to predict the future. They think they can predict how much people can earn every year, how much money someone will need to live on in retirement and their “risk tolerance”. Realistically, you could classify financial planners as fortune tellers. Maybe some sort of sophisticated fortune teller since they set up shop in commercial buildings rather than tents on beach boardwalks.

Beyond their attempts at fortune telling, financial planners are notorious for advising people to put their money at risk and get into plans that are controlled by the government, bureaucrats and politicians. This advice will cause many Americans to lose thousands of dollars that they could have kept for themselves.

It is no secret people are losing money because of typical financial advice. For many, retirement will not be financially possible without social security. More than ever before, Americans need to build sustainable wealth.

With the knowledge on how to build sustainable wealth anyone can do much better without a financial planner. This book gives you the knowledge you need to build sustainable wealth, fire your financial planner and have peace of mind about your financial future.